Managed Print Services

19 Jul 2017
Managed Print Services
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What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services depend on computer software to keep an eye on print activities; this involves seeing patterns in print behaviour, creating rules for printing, authenticating users, managing devices, planning for changes, and creating established workflows. In short, it helps you make better use of your printers by giving you a way to monitor and control how your staff use them.

What are the Benefits?

Cost reduction, control, and convenience are the main benefits of any Managed Print Solution. Proper implementation and intelligent analysis can reduce print and copy spend by up to a third, while anticipating the need to order consumables can ensure that your print runs more smoothly with no unnecessary down time.

You can:

  • Create long term savings, and continue saving by optimising your processes regularly
  • Streamline workflows to increase productivity
  • Improve security for all of your documents or just select items
  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Change printing habits and reduce print volume
  • See how each user/department uses each printer

How Managed Print Services Work

Your solution will offer a number of tools to allow you to analyse and optimise your printing – this includes looking at print behaviour by department, user, or entire floor to see where you can make savings. You can then create rules to prevent people from wasting money through unnecessary printing or simply to reinforce your business’ print policy.

You can also use Managed Print Services to ensure that your print jobs are secure, whether you need to apply the rules to the entire business or just a single department (which is particularly useful for businesses with in-house HR or legal teams). Most solutions allow for different types of authentication to suit your business needs.

Workflow automation is one of the main ways that MPS saves times for your employees. Once your processes are set up, you receive Process Optimisation Reports with further insights and suggestions so that you can continue improving your print environment.


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